Best military war games without the net 2022 for Android and iPhone

Best military war games without the net 2022 for Android and iPhone

Best military war games without the net 2022 for Android and iPhone : I chose for you a new list of the best military war games without the net for iPhone and Android, because fighting and war games are among the most exciting and enthusiastic games. I tried to diversify between these games so that everyone can get exactly what they are looking for, but they are all under the framework of war games.

We have a large group of articles specialized in offline games, and it is in fact a series in which we publish various games, in order to meet the demands of our esteemed audience. Let us not prolong you and go directly to the list of the 10 best offline war games 2022 for iPhone and Android.

Top 10 offline war games for iPhone and Android

  • Noblemen: 1896
  • 1942 Pacific Front‏
  • Warplanes
  • Modern Combat 4
  • Company of Heroes
  • ROME: Total War‏
  • Gun War
  • Brothers in Arms™ 3
  • Powstanie Styczniowe
  • Shogun’s Empire

Noblemen: 1896

Noblemen: 1896 هي افضل لعبة حرب 2022 بدون نت للاندرويد والايفون

Noblemen: 1896 is the best offline 2022 war game for Android and iPhone, where you must control a noble character of 1896 and fight against the armies of enemies through your use of guns, bombs and various ancient weapons.

In a very wide land and different places, you will fight fierce and exciting battles to the extreme. The game comes with very good graphics, great movement, and excellent visual and sound effects. You must play with strategy and not be reckless.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

1942 Pacific Front‏

1942 Pacific Front‏ هي لعبة حرب استراتيجية عسكرية بدون نت للايفون والاندرويد

1942 Pacific Front is an offline military strategy war game for iPhone and Android. The game simulates the events of World War II, where you are one of the leaders in the US Army and you have to lead your forces to land on Japanese beaches. You have to tactic well and make naval fortifications using naval barges.

You have to plan and tactic well or else you will lose the whole battle. The game relies mainly on strategy and the movement of land, sea and air forces at the same time. Destroy enemy alliances with all available military forces: infantry, artillery, tanks, warplanes, battleships, and submarines.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

ROME: Total War‏

ROME: Total War‏ هي لعبة قتال بدون نت للايفون والاندرويد

ROME: Total War is an offline fighting game for iPhone and Android, the game is derived from the popular PC game, where the events of the game are set around the ancient Roman Empire. Manage your empire and build your armies of all kinds to fight fierce battles.

You can control the battle mode by moving your armies by touching the screen. Embark on a historic conquest of Europe and North Africa across 19 massive factions including the cities of Greece, Gaul, Britain, Macedonia and Spain. The game is deep and not free unfortunately, but it is worth buying.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

Brothers in Arms™ 3

Brothers in Arms™ 3 هي واحدة من أفضل العاب حرب بدون نت 2022 للايفون والاندرويد

Brothers in Arms™ 3 is one of the best offline war games 2022 for iPhone and Android. Carry out the fierce military missions you and your brothers from the military squad to clear the required areas. All the events of the game take place in World War II, so the weapons available are old and dated back to that era.

Stunning graphics, impressive military visuals, and smooth control. With four different maps you will fight in multiple battle modes, so you must be fully prepared to carry out all the tasks required of you with merit. The game needs internet the first time to run the game.

Download :  iPhone /  Android


Warplanes هي لعبة قتال طائرات عسكرية بدون إنترنت للاندرويد والايفون

Warplanes is an offline military aircraft fighting game for Android and iPhone. The game simulates World War II, as it comes with a large collection of old-fashioned warplanes, which are estimated at about 50 combat aircraft that are adjustable.

Launch a surprise attack on the enemy’s military bases, where you will face the enemy planes in the air, so you have to be well prepared for the difficult maneuvers in the air, fight fiercely and shoot with high accuracy because the chances are very few. Lots of interesting missions to destroy enemy bases are waiting for you.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4 هي لعبة حرب حركية من منظور الشخص الأول

Modern Combat 4 is a first-person action war game that forces you to fight fierce combat on many different islands and military regions. Your task, you and a small group of elite soldiers, is to rid the world of a terrorist group that has taken over many places. The game is developed by Gameloft, which specializes in game development.

The game comes with an enjoyable dramatic story and everything in it is well mastered, from graphics, effects, control and almost everything. Unfortunately, the game is not free for iPhone and Android and you only need internet the first time you start it to play in the story mode. You can also play in online multiplayer mode.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes هي أفضل لعبة حربية عسكرية بدون انترنت لاندرويد والايفون

Company of Heroes is the best offline military war game for Android and iPhone without a doubt. The game is very fairy tale, high definition, horrible graphics, exciting story, very exciting gameplay. The game simulates World War II, where you must command two companies of American soldiers and carry out a fierce and intense military campaign on the European theater of operations starting with the invasion of Normandy.

You can do many thoughtful military tactics and moves to surround the enemy from all directions and overthrow him. The enemy is not that easy so you have to be careful and think tactically and strategically. The game is not free, but it is worth buying, and its size is very large based on its high accuracy. Lots of fierce combat missions are waiting for you.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

Gun War

Gun War هي لعبة حرب 2022 بدون انترنت للايفون والاندرويد

Gun War is a 2022 offline war game for iPhone and Android, in which you can defend yourself against mercenaries. The game is exciting and offers you more than 120 missions of varying difficulty. You and your team fiercely attack and liberate some of the areas that have been taken over by mercenaries.

The game is great and there is a weapon upgrade system, and it also allows you to have more than 50 different weapons. The game is small in size, exciting and has very good potential. The graphics of the game are good and the effects are not bad either. Lots of different places and regions to play in.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

Powstanie Styczniowe

Powstanie Styczniowe هي لعبة حربية استراتيجية تعمل بدون أنترنت

Powstanie Styczniowe is an offline strategy war game set in the Polish national uprising that took place in 1863. Lead the rebellious rebels against the organized Russian imperial army, which numbered 8 different military units.

Plan and tactic well and attack quickly on the units of the Russian army to eliminate it. At first you will feel that you will not succeed in the task, but with perseverance and effort you will be able to reach your goal. There are 15 types of Polish insurgency units and 21 strategic missions that you have to carry out well.

Download :  Android

Shogun’s Empire

Shogun's Empire هي لعبة حربية استراتيجية بدون انترنت

Shogun’s Empire is an offline strategy war game, set in the ancient Empire of Japan, after wars erupt between different Japanese clans, your task is to take control of the government through your mastery of strategic tactical combat, the economy and the management of the affairs of the people.

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Command your military units of samurai and ninja soldiers to engage in tactical combat battles. There are also many combat units that rely on the bow, rifles and other very old weapons. You will be immersed in the charming nature of Japan and will blend in well with the aesthetics of the game. The game is free and available for iPhone and Android.

Download :  iPhone /  Android

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